An Italian and Iranian team excavate the ancient Estakhr

An Italian and Iranian team excavate the ancient Estakhr

A team of Italian and Iranian archaeologists is planning study ancient sites in the south of the town of Estakhr in the province Iranian de Fars, says the director of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research (ICAR) Mahmoud Mir-Eskandari.

The Italian group will use advanced equipment that will offer Iranian experts the opportunity to familiarize themselves with high-tech tools used in this field.", Add.

Remains of Estakhr

The joint team will excavate the city for 45 days looking for signs of primitive mosques and ancient ruinssays Mir-Eskandari.

In a previous research program, a team of Iranian and Italian experts led by Professor Pierfancesco Callieri from the University of Bologna studied some parts of the area in 2008.

Estakhr It is an ancient city located five kilometers north of Persepolis, which was a prosperous city during the Achaemenid era. The new team is planning to study the sassanid city of bishpur and other cities in Fars province, Mir-Eskandari notes.

The bishapur ruins have been introduced to be registered in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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