Reveal the ancient past of a historic cathedral

Reveal the ancient past of a historic cathedral

Ancient tombs are among the intriguing archaeological finds unearthed during the rebuilding work on historic Wakefield Cathedral. The heads of the cathedral are inviting the public to see the historical objects before they are buried again.

Excavations have revealed that the 800-year-old place of worship has taken place during more than 1,000 years. Archaeologists began excavations inside the aforementioned Grade I building as part of the multi-million dollar remodeling project, the Project 2013.

Archaeologist working in the cathedral

They are removing buried remains inside the ship so that it can be install a new floor. The excavation has uncovered 13 burials, most of which date from the 18th-19th centuries. But archaeologists have also found two medieval stone tombs and probably two previous walls.

Andy Norton, who is part of the Wessex Archeology team, He says: "Until recently it was common for people to be buried near and even inside churches and cathedrals. When the churches spread they could be built on top of the previous tombs. So the new floor of the cathedral will be at a lower level than the current one and some tombs could have been damaged”.

The President of Wessex Archeology, Robert Key, He says: "It is important that our places of worship, which are normally wonderful historic buildings, are renovated for modern times. But we must respect the heritage and be sure that no harm is done to the remains of the people who were buried here hundreds of years ago. All graves will be properly searched and removed before the remains are reburied.”.

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