New excavations in Erbil

New excavations in Erbil

A Greek archaeological team from the University of Athens has just returned to the Kurdish city and capital of Erbil to participate in the second phase of excavations at the Nadir site.

The team last worked last year on Erbil, in what was the first phase of the archaeological work on Nadir Hill.

The greek team, with the assistance of the Erbil Directorate of Archeology, began the second phase of excavations on August 28.

According to Haidar Hassan Hussein, Head of the Erbil Archeology DirectorateThis second phase will last a maximum of one month and upon completion, the results and conclusions of the excavation will be announced to the public.

The first stage took place in 2011, leading to the exhibition of human bones dated to 7,000 years old. As a result of this discovery, archaeological experts in the city of Erbil believed that there was still much to be excavated, so they suggested to the Kurdish government that they should invite the Greek team to resume the work in a second phase.

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