Unveiling the lives of Pere I and Jaume "El Conquistador"

Unveiling the lives of Pere I and Jaume

The writer Assumpció Cantalozella, through Royal Councilor Guillem de Cervera, reveals the most significant episodes of the lives of Pere I and his son Jaume "El Conquistador", in his new adventure novel 'The confidant of the kings’(El confident dels reis) which already has its second edition.

The author from Santa Coloma de Farners (Gerona), explains that Guillem de Cervera is a fascinating character who “lived very close to the two kings, admiring them, but also showing their chiaroscuro”.

In the work, the reader will be able to know the most relevant historical facts of the reign of Pere I and that of his son, in the 13th century, with all the palace conspiracies, the clashes with the Vatican, the conquest of Majorca or the persecution of the Cathars.

The author, who has a long history in the historical genre, explains that in this title he enters a time "transition and crisis that could have analogies with the current era”.

Cantalozella maintains that when he creates his stories he always chooses a character, in this case Guillem de Cervera, which appears in some medieval chronicles, and takes it out "of the historical altarpiece that generally mythologizes"And shows it"like a real person”.

Just like the actors do, I enter the character's skin and clearly show what happens to him, what he feels, what he wants, what makes him suffer and what makes him happy. It is to get them to go from the historical coordinate to that of plausibility", Add.

However, he notes that Pere I He is not a character who has a good reputation, especially for having lost a war. "Guillem's gaze allows him to see Pere as a very tough warrior, but also as someone tender and proud, for example, of having increased the value of the coin”. Jaume "The Conqueror", instead, it appears “mythologized from the moment of his death, and as Jacint Verdaguer already considered, it is since then a statue on a pedestal”.

The writer indicates that some of the situations found in her novel “They may surprise because Jaume acts as an adult when he is only nine years old”.

With a degree in Catalan Philology, Cantalozella participated in the seventies in some books of the Ofelia Dracs collective, although she made herself known to the public with the works The falcó of the count Y Corpus of Sang.

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